Being a veterinarian has allowed me to live out my dream and has been extremely rewarding for me. Knowing that every day I am making a difference in the lives of pets and the people who love them gives me a sense of deep satisfaction, and that satisfaction grew exponentially when I became the owner of Westway Animal Clinic.

Having a practice of my own has allowed me to truly provide the level of medicine, care and service that I believe every pet owner and their pet deserves. I am constantly looking for ways to better myself, my team and my practice which is what led me to wanting accreditation through the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

AAHA was formed in 1933 to regulate and promote high quality standards in veterinary practices. It is not mandatory for veterinary facilities to be AAHA accredited and many do not pursue this accreditation due to the extremely high standards they require you to uphold. They assess your practice by evaluating over 900 different standards in a 1-2 day inspection that is performed every 3 years.

Only about 15% of veterinary practices are AAHA accredited throughout the US and Canada, even less if you look at just the Canadian practices. It was with great pride that Westway Animal Clinic received our accreditation in 2012. We worked together as a team diligently for months in preparation and continuously strive to improve, ensuring that you and your furry companions have access to the best, up-to-date medical care. We follow AAHA guidelines for everything from annual wellness appointments to surgeries to pain management. We always put your pets’ needs above all else and work with you to evaluate what wellness strategy will work best for your pets’ overall health.

We believe that no one protocol works for everybody and so utilize the guidelines to standardize our care while ensuring that every pet is treated as an individual. AAHA challenges us to exceed standards of care, not just meet them. This not only applies to our medicine, but also our customer service and the way we treat the people who come into our practice wanting to be the best pet owners they can be. As pet owners ourselves, our team works hard to make Westway Animal Clinic the kind of place we would want to bring our own pets. We believe you and your pets deserve the best and we appreciate that AAHA has a way for us to measure ourselves and assure that we are on the forefront of veterinary medicine – we want to be ahead of the curve!

You can learn more about what our AAHA accreditation means for you and your family right here on the AAHA website. You will also find it to be a great resource for you as a pet owner, they have an extensive pet health library and also provide you with explanations of the standards to which we are held accountable. If you have any questions about AAHA, Westway Animal Clinic or veterinary care in general, please don’t hesitate to call or come in for a visit. I want you to see my team and I as your pet care resource, our door is always open to you.