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Aging Cats Part 1 – They Don’t Really Ha

Aging Cats Pt1

Did you know that about half of the cats in Canada are over the age of 8 years old? Cats between 7-10 years are considered mature while cats between 10-14 years are considered senior, and over 15 years, cats are considered geriatric. Knowing that 25% of mature cats and 50% of geriatric cats develop at […]

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Fleas and Ticks. We’re Still at War…

Fleas and Ticks Prevention in Etobicoke

Anybody who reads our blogs or is a client of ours knows that our goal at Westway Animal Clinic is always to minimize risk of disease and focus on prevention. It is impossible to talk about preventive care and not discuss parasites, so our April blog is on two very common parasites – fleas and […]

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Declawing or Not Declawing – Some Facts

Declaw Or Not Declaw

Declawing has become a very controversial topic of conversation in the animal welfare world. It is an elective procedure that has been banned in many countries and, while it isn’t banned in Canada where veterinarians have the choice within their practices, there is growing pressure for us to formally ban the procedure across the board. […]

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Pet Dental Health Awareness Month

Pet Dentistry Westway Animal Clinic in Etobicoke

February is National Pet Dental Health Month!  The Westway team takes dental health very seriously, so we would like to take this opportunity to focus on why dental health is so important and how you can ensure your pet has the best dental health possible.   Many pet owners are shocked to discover during an […]

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Becoming A Cat Friendly Practice

Aging Cats Part 2

It is hard to believe that November is already here. I remember Halloween coming up and thinking to myself that it was time to write my monthly blog, then some sad, happy and unexpected events occurred and just like that, it is already the 24th of November! Before we know it 2016 will have arrived and […]

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Leptospirosis In Pets – What Is It & Why

Leptospirosis In Pets

This month I’ve decided to dedicate my blog to a disease that is prevalent during late summer and fall. The disease is not only very dangerous for our dogs, but also for their humans as it can be passed from one to the other. Leptospirosis is the topic of this month’s blog. You may have […]

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The Importance Of Pet Vaccines

Pet Vaccines in Etobicoke

I can’t believe it is already September – the summer has literally flown by. As we round the corner to fall and get back into school routines I wanted to remind everybody about the importance of routine vaccinations. Vaccinating routinely doesn’t necessarily mean that your pet gets all of the vaccines every single year. Different […]

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Travelling With Your Pet

Travelling With Your Pet

Summer brings with it sunny days, long weekends and holidays! I thought I would use this month’s blog to write about the different things owners need to consider when travelling with your pet. If you are anything like my family, we work hard right up until the day we are going away and then scramble […]

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Managing Pain In Pets

Managing Pain

As a veterinarian I consider it my duty and privilege to be an ambassador for our animal friends. One of the most important obligations I believe that I have is managing pain in pets – ensuring that every animal in my care is pain free. Animals do not display pain the same way that we, […]

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