Welcome to Westway Animal Clinic, located in Etobicoke. We are very proud of our facility and invite you to take a tour and explore the inner workings of our veterinary hospital! Don't forget, you can ask us for a real tour anytime...


Upon arrival at Westway, be prepared to be greeted with warmth and generous smiles. We also have a very open and bright reception area to help keep you and your pet comfortable. Here's Dr. Korol and Andrea, one of our receptionists. Come on in and say Hello!

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Exam Room

Our examination rooms offer a clean, spacious, and professional environment for your visit. Here we see Dr. Chen performing an exam on Teddy, one of our clinic cats.

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Treatment Room

Our treatment room is our main hub - where our hospitalized patients spend their time, where we administer medications and perform minor medical procedures. We prepare patients for surgery in this space and also perform our dentistry procedures here. This little guy is getting bandaged by Dr. Korol - with help from Dr. Peter and one of our assistants.

Take A Tour Westway Treatment Room


Our radiology suite includes a modern digital radiography unit - providing instant imaging. Having high quality imaging on hand allows us to assess broken bones and internal problems such as intestinal obstructions, bladder stones and certain types of cancer. Kassandra just finished taking x-rays and the digital results are ready for the doctor!

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Our on-site laboratory contains equipment that enables us to process samples and generate immediate blood, urine and stool (fecal) results. For more complicated tests we work closely with an off-site laboratory that works provide us with more intensive medical information in a timely manner. Krisztina, one of our technicians working in our in-house lab.

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Our operating room is kept sterile as it is where all of our major surgical work is performed. Dr. Korol performing a surgery while Dr. Peter monitors.

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We keep a fully stocked pharmacy containing a variety of medications that our veterinarians feel are important to keep on hand for the well-being of our patients. Krisztina preparing one of the many prescription refills needed for our patients.

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