We are equipped to handle a wide variety of medical conditions, including emergencies. Because we can perform many laboratory tests in-house, we can often give you immediate answers and start treating your pet faster. In some cases, your pet may require hospitalization and further diagnostic tests. Please take a look at the more detailed descriptions of medical services we offer, or call us to discuss your pet’s needs.

Pet Medical Assesment

Medical Assessment

A full medical assessment is included in every veterinary visit. When you believe your pet is not feeling well we always perform a thorough examination of your pet to ensure a proper diagnosis. We begin a medical assessment by looking...read more >>



Westway Animal Clinic Dental Care: Restoring the ‘Puppy and Kitten Kisses Program’ “Prevention of periodontal disease is a very important part of providing optimum health and well-being for our patients...read more >>

Dog Ticks

Dog Tick Removal

It is recommended that you bring your pet to our veterinary hospital if you suspect a tick bite wound. We will gladly remove a tick should you be nervous to do so at home...read more >>


What Is Heartworm?

Heartworm (Dirofilari aimmitis) is a worm that infects many animals including dogs and cats. Adult heartworm lives in the pulmonary artery, where they release microfilaria...read more >>

Flea Control

Flea Control

FLEAS ARE BY FAR the most common external parasite of dogs and cats. They cause an enormous amount of distress, from severe itching to true flea allergic skin reaction (dermatitis). Almost everyone with pets has...read more >>


Cardiology (Heart)

Although heart problems are found more often in older pets, these conditions can affect pets at any age. Heart disease is usually a life-threatening condition, but early diagnosis and appropriate...read more >>

Tonometry (Eye Testing)

Tonometry (Eye Testing)

It is crucial for your pet’s vision that we detect and treat glaucoma and other problems with intraocular pressure (pressure within the eye) as quickly as possible. We can test your dog or cat’s eyes for excess pressure...read more >>



Ultrasonography (also called ultrasound or sonography) is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure that uses sound waves to examine a pet’s internal organs and other structures inside the body. It can be used to evaluate...read more >>


Endocrinology (Hormones)

Identifying endocrine problems as early as possible is important in dogs and cats. These serious, potentially life-threatening conditions are more manageable when caught early, allowing us to begin proper treatment...read more >>