Pain Management Guidelines

“Good pain management in suffering animals is not only obligation but a professional privilege”. This was a statement heard from a pain management speaker at a conference. Would you like to help your pet have a pain-free life?

What Is Pain?

Pain is a universal experience for every living being, and we all know what it feels like, but it is still very difficult to clearly define or quantify. People can express and describe the sensations of the pain they experience, but pets cannot. Dealing with pain becomes a significant challenge for pet owners.

What Are The Benefits Of Pain Management?

For Your Pet

Improves quality of life and comfort
Allows for improved quantity and quality of sleep
Quickens recovery from surgery, injury or illness
Your pet will be more comfortable within the hospital environment, leading to less fear, anxiety and potential aggression from fear
Improves appetite and grooming behaviour

For You

A happy pet leads to a happy owner!
Enhances pet-owner bond
Reduces/eliminates behavior problems that are secondary to pain since behavior problems often have an underlying medical condition that may be painful (e.g. underlying causes of inappropriate urination in cats may be secondary to lower urinary tract disease)

For Us

Treating pain is GOOD MEDICINE!
Our veterinary hospital follows the American Animal Hospital Association Pain Management Guidelines For Dogs and Cats which means that we utilize the most up-to-date protocols in pain management.