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Does Your Pet Food Make The Grade?

pet food

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we reflect on 2016 we can’t help but think about all the new furry friends we made, the wonderful new pet owners we met and the pet owners we got to see through the year who have become more like family to us at Westway Animal Clinic. At the same time, […]

Pet Food Labels – Cracking the Code

Westway Animal Clinic Blog - Pet Food Labels

It is obvious by now that we believe whole heartedly that nutrition is a critical component towards a pets’ quality and longevity of life. I want to be clear that, while I do not work for a pet food company, I have chosen to carry specific brands in our hospital that reflect the ethics, philosophies […]

Westway’s Excellent Pet Nutrition Adventure – Part 2

Westway's Excellent Pet Nutrition Adventure - Part 2

What a trip! I don’t even know where to begin in describing to you the things I learned, saw and felt throughout this journey. As I mentioned in the first part of my September blog, both Diana (my practice manager) and I had the distinct honour of travelling with a group of veterinarians and managers to […]

Westway’s Excellent Pet Nutrition Adventure – Part 1

Westway's Excellent Pet Nutrition Adventure

Later this week I have the pleasure of taking a special trip to the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Center in Topeka, Kansas. As part of my due diligence I have always wanted to actually go, see and tour their facilities, meet the professionals (veterinarians, scientists, nutritionists, internists) who have dedicated their own careers to the progression […]

Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition

As pet owners we can all agree that we wish our pets could live forever. The reality is that there are three factors that affect how long our pets will live: genetics, environment and nutrition. We cannot control the genetics our pets were born with and there are only certain things about their environment that […]

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