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To Vaccinate, or Not to Vaccinate?


To Vaccinate, or Not to Vaccinate? That Is The Question! Over the years, veterinary diseases have evolved, resulting in changes to our protocols, recommendations, products and veterinary medicine and services. Vaccinations have been the crux of the relationship that exists between veterinarians and pet owners; annually, pet owners bring their pets in for an exam […]

Leptospirosis In Pets – What Is It & Why

Leptospirosis In Pets

This month I’ve decided to dedicate my blog to a disease that is prevalent during late summer and fall. The disease is not only very dangerous for our dogs, but also for their humans as it can be passed from one to the other. Leptospirosis is the topic of this month’s blog. You may have […]

The Importance Of Pet Vaccines

Pet Vaccines in Etobicoke

I can’t believe it is already September – the summer has literally flown by. As we round the corner to fall and get back into school routines I wanted to remind everybody about the importance of routine vaccinations. Vaccinating routinely doesn’t necessarily mean that your pet gets all of the vaccines every single year. Different […]

Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations

September brings with it the close of summer, the beginning of fall and the start of school. As parents, my wife Diana and I find it difficult to say goodbye to our daughter as she goes off to school. While we are very proud of the woman she has become, we really do feel like […]