Another year is over and a new one has begun.  I cannot believe that 2018 is already behind us, and yet, as I reflect on the year we have had, it has definitely been a busy one.

I wanted to start the New Year off with a blog personally wishing all of our incredible clients and beloved patients a wonderful 2019! Without all of you, my team and I would not be able to fulfill our passion as veterinary professionals.  When I became the owner of Westway Animal Clinic it was so that I could practice medicine the way that I wanted to as a veterinarian – honouring my patients through my work and assisting pet owners in order to make the best decisions within their means. I have amassed a team of individuals I am very proud of; all of whom are dedicated, not only to pet health, but also pet care. This year we have had the privilege of adding a few new people to our team, including Dr. Kathryn Zelma. Together we are committed to offering a scope of services that you can rely on and trust, in a supportive and compassionate way.

In 2018, as many of you know, I began to explore a new branch of medicine. As I explained in my last blog, there is a growing trend in both human and veterinary medicine to use an “integrative” approach when treating a patient. This refers to combining what we already know well – the conventional medical practices – with therapies traditionally considered as “alternative.” In veterinary medicine, these modalities have been considered a complement to our existing approach: Acupuncture, medical manipulative therapy, genetic counseling, integrative nutrition, laser therapy, physical rehabilitation, herbal therapy and Eastern medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).

My initial exploration led me to Acupuncture.  Thanks to some encouraging clients we have been able to begin utilizing acupuncture with very positive results, leading me to believe strongly that integrative medicine is the future of Westway Animal Clinic. It’s not to say we are going to move away from the science of veterinary medicine, but the studies continue to show undisputable scientific evidence of the positive effects of these other modalities and I think our patients would be at a disadvantage to not have these available to them. Our team is coming together to create a tool kit of therapeutic options for our clients in order to give you access to the most customized approach we can offer. We have never been the type of place to offer one-size-fits-all medicine and this expansion of services just speaks to that.

In December I completed my exams and now have to complete a practical component – submitting significant hours of time spent performing acupuncture and a case study in order to become a fully certified TCVM Small Animal Acupuncture Practitioner.  It won’t stop there as I plan to continue my studies in 2019, taking classes in food and herbal therapy.

We could never have imagined 12 months ago that this would be our latest service offerings but I think you will all find, as we have, that these modalities are only going to help us help more pets!

The entire team at Westway Animal Clinic hopes that you had a wonderful and safe holiday season and wish only happiness and health for you, your pets and other loved ones in 2019!

Dr. Alex Korol and the Westway Animal Clinic Team