Alternative Therapies for Dogs & Cats in Toronto, Ontario

Alternative Therapies for Dogs & Cats in Toronto, Ontario

Our services at Westway Animal Clinic primarily fall under the umbrella of Western medicine. However, our veterinarians are also skilled in treating patients using Eastern medicine, or more specifically, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). This area of medicine offers alternative therapies (also known as integrative therapies) that can work in conjunction with traditional Western treatment plans to deliver a better health outcome. Providing alternative therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and laser therapy for dogs and cats gives our team an additional toolbox to work with to benefit our patients.

By combining Western medicine with Eastern medicine, we can create a more effective and sustainable preventative care plan for your pet.

Alternative Therapies For Dogs And Cats In Toronto Ontario
See below for more information about the alternative therapies we offer and contact us for an appointment today.

See below for more information about the alternative therapies we offer and contact us for an appointment today.

Acupuncture for Dogs & Cats

Acupuncture is a well-known modality in human integrative medicine, and now it is gaining traction in veterinary medicine, as well. Dogs and cats have been found to respond well to acupuncture therapy, which uses exceedingly thin, fine needles that are placed at different points of the body called “meridians.” These areas consist of blood vessels, nerve endings, and connective tissue, and stimulating them with the acupuncture needles causes the release of various chemicals, including endorphins. This can create a healing effect for our patients and help to relieve various ailments, including muscle spasms, back pain, nausea, and allergies.

Acupuncture For Dogs And Cats

Pet Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a part of our multimodal approach to pain management and relief, using light energy to improve circulation in the body, reduce inflammation, and accelerate the healing process.

A multitude of acute and chronic physical conditions can benefit from laser treatment, including:

  • Arthritis (inflamed joints)
  • Ear infections
  • Hot spots and lick granulomas
  • Sprains, strains, and sore muscles
  • Broken bones
  • Surgical incisions
  • Cuts, burns, and abrasions
  • Skin infections

Treatment times and frequencies differ based on the nature of your pet’s condition, and their overall treatment response. Acute injuries or a surgical incision can often be treated in 1-6 sessions, with treatment time varying depending on the pet and the condition. Chronic conditions may require maintenance treatments 1-2 times per month after the initial frequent therapy to improve the pet’s quality of life.

To find out if your pet is a candidate for laser therapy, contact us at (416) 243-3200.

Pet Laser Therapy

Chinese Herbal Medicine & Food Therapy

In addition to acupuncture and pet laser therapy, Westway Animal Clinic can also provide tailored herbal formulas and customized diets to restore balance to the body and its overall functioning. As with our other alternative therapies, a prior consultation is necessary for us to determine which formulas might best benefit your pet.

Cat At Clinic With Doctor In The Background
Can My Pet Be Treated with Alternative Therapies?

Can My Pet Be Treated with Alternative Therapies?

Before we can recommend TCVM to your pet, we first need to see them for an examination and possible diagnostics to better understand their condition. We will likely start with a base treatment and see how well your pet responds. If necessary, we can consider other treatment options to integrate into your pet’s care to see if their condition improves.