Individualized Pet Medicine  in Toronto, Ontario

Individualized Pet Medicine in Toronto, Ontario

At Westway Animal Clinic, we do not treat pets generically. Instead, we consider each pet’s case separately, and work with pet parents to find the best solution for their needs and circumstances. We believe this is the best way to practice veterinary medicine and ensure healthier, longer lives for our patients.

Individualized Pet Medicine In Toronto
How We Do It

How We Do It

We base individualized pet medicine on the 4 P’s: Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participative.


Our aim is to anticipate and predict certain changes in your pet’s condition as they experience life and grow older. This allows us to take preventive steps to preserve their good health and reduce their risk for disease as much as possible.


Prevention is the best medicine. By providing preventive care in the form of routine wellness exams, vaccinations, age-appropriate blood work, parasite control, and dentistry, we can prevent the development or onset of various diseases and infections.


Your pet’s treatment is always personalized for their unique medical needs, temperament, and lifestyle. We assess all aspects of their health and medical history to make sure they receive the most complete and fully tailored care throughout their life.


As your pet’s primary caregiver, you are also the ultimate decision-maker for their treatment. Westway Animal Clinic is not just your veterinarian, but your partner in keeping your pet healthy. You are an active participant in their care and our team will help educate and guide you so you can make the most informed choices for your pet.