Find Your Veterinary Career  in Toronto, ON

Find Your Veterinary Career in Toronto, ON

Westway Animal Clinic is a privately owned, AAHA accredited small animal hospital in Toronto. We work in tandem with pet owners to enhance the quality of preventative medicine we provide to keep their loved ones healthy. Our hospital diligently follows AAHA guidelines and recommendations in every area of care, from wellness to dentistry, and we offer integrative therapies (laser therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal supplements) to provide pets and their owners with a wider range of treatment options.

The Westway Animal Clinic Team in Toronto
Our Culture

Our Culture

At Westway Animal Clinic, we take pride in cultivating an environment that is safe for all. We exist to focus on the continuous improvement of pets' lives and create an everlasting connection between pets and their families. We are all committed to this, along with the mentorship and empowerment of each individual. You are valued here.

Our Values and Behaviors

Our Values and Behaviors

The ideal candidate for Westway Animal Clinic is honest, compassionate, and driven to continuously learn and improve the veterinary profession through the care of animals, clients, and fellow team members.

We are looking for someone who shares our principles and believes in:


Actively communicate with clients and colleagues via face-to-face conversations, phone calls, text messages or emails in a timely, concise, and empathetic manner 


We create trust and respect, providing treatment options that are best suitable for every pet, in an honest, judgment-free environment. 


We enhance our personal growth and encourage our team members to explore their passions to cultivate new personal learning experiences that align with practice goals.


Demonstrating competence and civility with clients, pets, and teammates. 


We support each other to allow for personal and professional growth. Mentorship is based on a trusting relationship and constructive feedback between the mentor and mentee. 


In all interactions, we appreciate and respect people’s time and capabilities, and expect the same in return. 


Despite the ever-changing nature of clinic life, we continually adapt to maintain a positive attitude by checking in, sharing our experiences, and ensuring mental wellness within the clinic.  


Every team member contributes to achieving the Westway Animal Clinic purpose with their unique talents and capabilities. We ensure a safe and trusting environment where all team members, regardless of their position, are heard with empathy.  

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