Offering In-House Veterinary Diagnostics  in Toronto, Ontario

Offering In-House Veterinary Diagnostics in Toronto, Ontario

Westway Animal Clinic has access to high-end veterinary diagnostics and can call in specialists to provide advanced services to your pet here in-clinic. Our facility contains a fully equipped, on-site laboratory, and a radiology suite for performing X-ray procedures and ultrasounds. These tools play an important role in the care we provide to your pet, allowing for more accurate assessments and highly-customized, quality treatment. We can obtain vital information about your pet’s condition that would not be possible with a physical examination alone.

In House Diagnostics At Westway Animal Clinic
Our In-House Laboratory

Our In-House Laboratory

Westway Animal Clinic has an on-site diagnostic laboratory that allows for efficient processing of blood, fecal, urine, and even tissue samples for careful evaluation. For more complex and comprehensive testing we partner with external laboratories, so we can obtain more detailed results and information about your pet.

Because our lab equipment can yield results quickly, this makes it extremely useful for diagnosing and treating pets with urgent medical concerns.

Digital Radiography

Our clinic houses a dedicated radiology suite, which includes state-of-the-art digital radiography equipment for clear, near-instant X-ray imaging. With this technology close at hand, our team is able to diagnose conditions such as broken bones, intestinal blockages, bladder stones, and even some types of cancer more quickly. This, in turn, allows for quicker treatment for your pet. Furthermore, if our team needs to send your pet’s X-ray images to an outside specialist, we can simply email the digital files in minutes.

Horax Lateral X Ray


Westway Animal Clinic works with a board-certified internal medicine specialist to perform ultrasounds at our practice when needed. We have a point-of-care ultrasound for a quick assessment, but for advanced diagnosis, we call a specialist. We can have the specialist come in same-day or at an appointed date and time to perform the procedure and review the results with your veterinarian. Additionally, we can call in a cardiologist to do consultations and perform echocardiogram procedures.

Like X-rays, ultrasounds are non-invasive and pain-free. Unlike X-rays, ultrasound uses soundwaves to help us view the heart and abdominal organs. In addition to viewing the organs in detail to determine their size, shape, and blood supply, we can use ultrasound to diagnose fluid buildup, cysts, tumors, and abscesses, and even confirm and monitor pregnancies.

Ultrasound On Cat